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Magic Water Painting Scroll

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If you’re a mum that dreads bringing out the paint because of the mess, you need to give these a try...!

A quick, simple and mess-free art activity that is so easy to do at home with toddlers, babies and older children. It has got to be my favourite toddler and child art resource hack/discovery.

This cloth calligraphy scroll is 1.4m long and is so fun for kids.

No paint needed, ONLY WATER!

Use a paintbrush, or your finger to draw, create and 'paint' away! As the paper dries and returns to its natural colour, your little one can reuse it over and over again.

So easy to set up and pack away. It is long enough for several children to use all at the same time.

With hard scroll ends, the fabric can be conveniently rolled up and stored away or hung against a wall for a vertical water painting surface (even indoors). 

Your kids will love this water painting surface!

Ages 3+

Size: 140cmx42cm when unrolled.

You just need water and once finished, the fabric dries ready to be used again or rolled up/stored away.