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Sensory Play Packs and Parties

Ocean Sensory Pack

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Gift your child with an 'Ocean' themed sensory pack for an ultimate learning experience that supports their creativity, cognitive development, fine motor skills and language skills.ย This pack is filled with hours of learning, exploration opportunities and entertainment, and a great way to implement different textures and sensory features into your childโ€™s play.

Please note: the shipping cost for this pack is $20 due to the weight and size.

The 'Ocean Pack' includes*:
  • Coloured sensory water beads (dehydrated) or coloured sensory rice
  • Fine motor scoop tongs
  • Fine motor tweezers
  • Fidget tube
  • Mini metal cup (has replaced the wooden scoop)
  • Clear tube with lid
  • Silicone cupcake liner
  • Coloured maths links
  • Sea life figurines (random)
  • Plants (random)
  • A large play and pack storage container with lid

*some items may vary, depending on stock availability


General Packs Information

These Sensory Play packs provide so many wonderful benefits and opportunities for children and toddlers. Active exploration and stimulation of your childโ€™s senses through play is so important. It is vital for healthy brain development, encouraging certain cognitive and physical skills to develop. It assists in the development of muscle strength and control within their hands, fingers and wrists, while exercising and strengthening hand and eye coordination. Sensory kits are a great way to keep your child engaged and learning for hours.

Some specific benefits of these packs include:

  • Supporting language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving skills and social interaction
  • Helping develop and enhance memory
  • calming and regulating children who are frustrated due to anxiety or certain disabilities
  • helping children learn sensory attributes through hands-on experiences
  • building nerve connections in your child's brain, which allows them to complete more complex learning tasks

These packs are reusable, contain a sensory base and a variety of materials for creative play, fine motor development and cognition skills. Hide things in the water beads or rice and use tongs/scoops to find them. The packs are great for language development too - talk about the colours to get you started!


Another great thing about these packs is that you can add any other fine motor bits and pieces into your container that you have around the house, and even take it with you when you are out and about on holidays or with your family and friends etc.

Follow Sensory Play Packs and Parties on Instagram and Facebook for more ideas, detailed information and activities that you can set up with the materials in your pack(s). These packs will support and encourage your child to let their imagination run wild and be creative, as the play and learning that this resource offers is endless.

All of your wonderful resources are delivered in a clear container that you can play, pack and store in! Each pack can be easy to set up in the container and pack away when done - simply clip the lid on and store until next time. All kits are made to order (please allow 3 to 7 days before shipping).ย 

PLEASE NOTE: All packs contain small items and are suitable for ages between 1-8. Parental supervision is required at all times. These are not recommended for children who are still mouthing small objects (choking hazard). Each pack may vary in material, colour and random type of some objects.ย Any objects that are photographed but are not listed in the pack inclusions are not included (they are just being used for display purposes).